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Now at Amira you'll find French Evening Groups where you can benefit
from Paid Educational Leave (Congé-Education Payé Bruxelles)

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 Located in the heart of the European quarter of Brussels (metro Arts-Loi), Amira Language School asbl is one of the most experienced language schools in the city (established 1983) and has been a pioneer of quality management for language schools, starting with ISO9001 certification in 1995.

This means you have a quality guarantee for your Private Lessons and Small Group Courses.

Amira's pedagogical philosophy emphasises caring, friendly and creative oral communication. In your first years in Brussels you will enjoy that the school becomes a part of your life – somewhere both to find friends and to learn the language.

The programmes are built around 6 progressive modules (12 half levels) in accord with the common framework for language teaching established by the Council of Europe. They run all year round with many groups and levels in parallel. Choose your course here.

In Amira's French group courses, you will find the skills to:
- enjoy life and culture with French-speaking friends and family;
- find a new job where you speak French
- develop better relationships with your French-speaking colleagues
- be at ease with work and study in Brussels;

In particular, Amira has its own Step by Step ® method which allows you to start the lessons at any moment in the year at the exact appropriate level and make consistent progress with students of a similar level in a motivated group.

Naturally as you go on and you deepen your contact with the language, you will find a correspondingly deep sense of shared and personal satisfaction.

We encourage you to visit the site for an overview of Amira's courses, and to contact us for Free evaluation tests of your personal level.


For questions by e-mail: Send an email
By phone: +32 (0)2 640 68 50 / GSM-Whatsapp +32 498 11 6000 on week days between 9 am and 7 pm.


Now at Amira you'll find French Evening Groups where you can benefit from Paid Educational Leave (Congé-Education Payé Bruxelles)

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Amira Language School gives courses of French and other languages,  in small groups and private lessons. Amira is a friendly, efficient, experienced school (established 1983) and very popular with expats in Brussels. Tel. +32 (0)2 640 68 50


Intro: Your first contact at Amira will be with a friendly, highly professional teacher, who will help you choose the best course for you. PRESENTATION
Your 'cours de français' : French Conversation: Small Groups (max 8 students). Big choice- many groups in parallel. What Amira gives you: Rapid personal progress. Step by Step consecutive levels. Friendly, entertaining courses. Your teacher: Highly qualified instructors with Master's degrees. Amira is also a Brussels government partner school (Actiris). Your level : Free testing. Your own language skills and the European Reference levels. Find your best course now: Email / phone our friendly educational counsellors. Or click the green button below to choose online.